The bankruptcy attorneys at Thompson & Pureza are dedicated to helping the hard working people of northeastern North Carolina who have debts they are unable to pay back.  Our firm has over thirty years of experience in handling Chapter 7 bankruptcy filings for clients who have been overwhelmed by their financial liabilities.If you are unable to pay back medical bills, credit card debt or other financial liabilities, there are solutions.  We can work with you, the banks and your creditors for an affordable solution to getting your resources back on the right track.

Why File for Bankruptcy?

Bankruptcy is usually used as a last resort, often because of unfortunate circumstances like medical problems, loss of employment or divorce. After one files for bankruptcy, there can be a long road ahead in rebuilding credit and establishing new assets. That does not mean bankruptcy goes without benefits.

Debt Relief from a Properly Filed Bankruptcy Can

  • Free you from unsecured debt, allowing you to spend income on living expenses like your home or car.
  • Put and end to the harassing phone calls made by creditors.
  • Stop collections such as some wage garnishments and liens.
  • Halt home foreclosures and vehicle repossessions.

The bankruptcy lawyers at Thompson & Pureza can stop many collections and repossessions immediately. In many cases, we have been able to halt foreclosures and renegotiate mortgages for clients, lowering their bills for even their secured debts.

Speak With a Bankruptcy Attorney Today

If the stress of unpaid medical bills, credit card debts, being faced with foreclosure, or the constant harassment from creditors is becoming too much to handle, you need to speak with an attorney. We have helped countless clients throughout Elizabeth City, the Outer Banks and northeastern North Carolina get back on their financial feet. To find out more on your options on filing for bankruptcy, give us a call at (252) 335-7200.

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